Awards Ceremony / Vernissage   10th May 2012 - Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin   Under the patronage of the Deputy District Mayor (Tempelhof-Schöneberg) Ms Jutta Kaddatz the awards ceremony took place on the 10th of May 2012 at 7 o'clock pm in the Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin.     Downloads Flyer / Awards Ceremony - download as PDF
Poster / Competition 2012 - download as PDF
Winners of the Competition 2012
The online contest was organized and arranged by the KURTUKUNST Gallery in collaboration with the LIMES Image Agency. More than 900 works of 380 cartoonists from 62 countries were sent to us.  
1st Prize - Golden He-Goat + Certificate
Author: Goran Markovic
City: Uzice
Country: Serbia
Additional Information:
I was born in Loznica, (Serbia) in 1972. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, department graphics, in Belgrade in 2005, in the class of Professor Mile Grozdanic. I exhibited in 45 group exhibitions at home and abroad
AWARDS:- International Cartoon and mail Art Exhibition on Theme Stamps, Belgrade, Serbia 2008, II PRIZE.
- 7 th international FOR pro FOR , Praha, Czeh Reoublic - Honourable prize, IV PRIZE 2008

Author: bijan soltani
City: Kish Island
Country: Iran
Additional Information:
bijan soltani-Architect-Artist
sent works are me and my wife common artworks.from idea to presentation is a common process but as we are not allowed to enter the competition with common works I have sent one work and the other was sent by my wife-Fatima zonnourian.
2nd Prize - Silver He-Goat + Certificate
Country: Iran
Additional Information:
3rd Prize - Bronze He-Goat + Certificate
Author: Nik2012
City: Novomoskovsk
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Awards - Certificate
Author: Ba Bilig
City: Xilinhot ,Inner Mongolia
Country: China
Additional Information:
Born in 1965 in Sunid Left Banner Inner Mongolia Aotonomous Region P.R.China. 1986-1988 studied and majored in Arts and Crafts Department of Inner Mongolia Teachers Training University. 1992-1995 studied in the Mongolian Language Department of Inner Mongolia Education College. Member of the Inner Mongolia Association for Artist. Now hi is Teaching at Sunid Left Banner Profession School.
Produced and Published works of Cartoon From 1993 Up to Now. Won the First Prize , Second Prize, Bronze medal, Excellent Prize and Selected Prize in Different Local Cartoon Competition.
Prize of Excellence the 2nd HumoDAEVA International Cartoon Contest 2002 (Romania).
Bronze Prize the 1st FreeCartoonWeb International Cartoon Festival 2002.
Prize of Excellence the International Cartoon Exhibition China 2003.
Special prize the IACC 2004 Cartoon & Animation Competition China 2004.
Honor Mentions the 1st International Bursa Cartoon Biennial – BLUE GOLD WATER/ Turkey 2007.
Honorable Mentions Salon International Graphical Humor and Road Education/ Argentina 2007.
Gold Prize of the 6th LM International Cartoon Competition/ China 2008.
Honorable Mentions the 19th international satire exhibition /Italia 2008.
Second Prize of The international exhibition/ Syria 2009.
Third prize of the International cartoon contest "Carluka-2009"/ Ukraine.
Honorable Mentions the 2nd Patio Brazil International Saloon on The Environmental Humor/ Brazil 2009.
First Prize of the 21st Olense Kartoenale 2009 / Belgium.
Gold Medal of 4th China Guangxi City College In’t Cartoon contest 2010.
Third prize of the 2nd International BH Humor/Brazil 2010.
The Special Prize of Jury Meeting of The 1st Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition/China 2010.

he has won more than 100 prizes on the national and international cartoon competitions in 50 countries.

Author: Makhmud
City: Tashkent
Country: Uzbekistan
Additional Information:
Born in 21.01.1958 in the village Telov in Beshariq district of Fergana province of Uzbekistan.
Graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogic Institute faculty of Graphic Art. Member of Artists Union of Uzbekistan. He lives in Tashkent city. At present he is freelance cartoonist. He had personal exhibitions in town Krusevac of country Serbia in 2007, in town Osijek of country Croatia 2008 and in Tashkent 2008. In 2008 he has awarded of a State award "Friendship". He has participated in more 400 National and International Cartoon Exhibitions and won 99 International and National prizes, including: Gold Prize “GOGLM” Nanjing, China 2002; 1st Prize “Taiyo-No-Kai” Tokyo, Japan 2004; Silver Prize, Baku, Azerbaijan 2005; Bronze Prize, Damascus, Syria 2005; Golden Pencil Prize, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2006; Golden Helmet Prize, Krusevac, Serbia 2006; 1st Prize, Piracicaba, Brazil 2006; Silver Prize “GOGLM” Nanjing, China 2006; Orhan Holding Prize, Bursa, Turkey 2007; Gold Prize, Zagreb, Croatia 2007; Bronze Prize, Guangxi, China 2007; 2nd Prize, ”CafCaf” Istanbul, Turkey 2007; 2nd Prize, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2007; 1st Prize, Paracin, Serbia 2007; 3rd Prize “Nature and Man” Istanbul, Turkey 2007; Bronze Prize, “FreeCaroonsWeb” Shanghai, China 2007; 2nd Prize Vucje, Serbia 2008; 3rd Prize “Drought and Water” Istanbul, Turkey 2008; 2nd and 3rd Prize “Salon Diogenes Taborda” Buenos Aires, Argentina 2008; 1st Prize “International Festival of Honorable Mentions” Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil 2009; 3rd Prize “Drought and Water” Istanbul, Turkey 2009; 1st Prize “Cartoon Contest of Actual in actual“ Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2009; 3rd Prize “International Graphic Humor Contest” Barcelona, Spain; 1st Prize “1º Salão de Humor de Campinas” Campinas, Brazil 2009; 2nd Prize "Humor Salon of Paraguaci Paulista" Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009; 3rd Prize “FIFA World Cup South Africa Cartoon Exhibition”, Beijing, China 2010; 3nd Prize "Humor Salon of Paraguaci Paulista" Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010

Author: markus grolik
City: münchen
Country: Germany
Additional Information:

Author: Stankul
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Additional Information:
Born December 1956 in Ruse, Bulgaria.
1983-1990 works as artist, secretary and managing secretary in a number of Bulgarian newspapers and magazines.
1990-1994 publisher and editor-in-chief of “Shut” (jester) humour magazine.
1994-2003 art director in “Juliana” advertising agency.
Since 2003 art director of “IMEON-BALKANI” Foundation.
Since 1977 has been publishing cartoons in Bulgarian and European daily and periodical
Participant in more than 400 painting and cartoon exhibitions worldwide.
Illustrator of over 50 books in various Bulgarian publishers.
Member of the Union Of Bulgarian Artists and FECO- Federation Of Cartoonists Organizations.

Seven solo exhibitions of cartoons:
1984- House of Students, Sofia
1988- Sofia Theatre
1989- Dupnitsa Town Gallery
2006- Bulgarian Consulate, New York, USA
2006- Museum Of American Nations, Washington D.C.
2006- House Of Humour, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2008- D’art Jardin Gallery, Paris, France

Sixty one awards at international cartoon contests, among them:
1981 “Safety Of Labour”, Sofia- First Prize
1984 “Science” Contest- Award Of “Cosmos” magazine
1985 Yomiuri Contest, Tokyo, Japan- Special Prize
1985 Young Cartoonists, Razgrad, Bulgaria- Third Prize
1985 “Red Laughter”, Bratsigocvo, Bulgaria- Second Prize
1989 “Angelo Gallazzi’ Gallery, Ancona, Italy- Award For Cartoon
1990 Mail Art Humourfest, Foligno, Italy- First Prize
1990 “Independence” Contest, Kiev, Ukraine- Second Prize
1993 ‘Arhikatura”, Bratislava, Slovakia- Third Prize
2003 Minas, Uruguay, Award Of Lolita Rubial Foundation
2003 “In Vino Veritas” , Sofia, Bulogaria- First Prize
2004 “What, Switzerland?”, Gabrovo-Tun- Third Prize
2004 Argentina- First Prize for political cartoon
2004 “Anti-AIDS” UNESCO-Brazil- First Prize
2005 Nasreddin Hodja, Turkey- award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey
2005 Skopje, Atlantic Club of Macedonia- Award for cartoon
2005 Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Biennial of Humour- Award of the Ministry of Culture
2005 Union of Bulgarian Artists, Grand Prize Cartoonist of the Year
2006 Greece, Award of the Ministry of Culture
2006 “Dictatorship of Risk”, Calarasi, Romania- Second Prize
2006 “100% Natural”, Romania- Forth Prize
2007 Busteni, Romania- Third Prize
2008 “New Democracy”, Sofia, Bulgaria- First Prize

Author: Sergei
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Sergei Tunin was born in 1942 in Russia.
The first cartoon was published in 1968.
Now he lives in Moscow draws cartoons and illustrations, he is an art director of the humour magazine for children.

Author: annarossa
City: Gdańsk
Country: Poland
Additional Information:

Author: SergeyS
City: Haifa
Country: Israel
Additional Information:
no name

Author: Kusto
City: Vyshneve Kyiv region
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information:
Graduated National Agricultural University.
From 1993 he won more than 70 prizes on the International Cartoon Contests. Published cartoons in newspapers and magazines from Ukrayne, Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden.
Since 2004 publish in “Holos Ukrainy” newspaper.
Lives in Vyshneve, Ukraine

Author: ---
City: mannheim
Country: Germany
Additional Information:

Author: Liz França
City: Recife - PE
Country: Brazil
Additional Information:
I´am a brazilian cartoonist/caricaturist/
ilustrator, graduated in Arts from the Federal University of Pernambuco(UFPE). Nowadays, apart from working as a freelance artist, i work in art section of the newspaper "Folha de Pernambuco".
KURTUKUNST Gallery Prize - Certificate
Author: elena ospina
City: El Paso, Texas
Country: United States
Additional Information:
LIMES Prize - Certificate
Author: Kazanevsky
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information: