Awards Ceremony / Vernissage   5th May 2011 - Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin   Under the patronage of the Deputy District Mayor and Councilor of Schools, Education and Culture (Tempelhof-Schöneberg) Dieter Hapel the awards ceremony took place on the 5th of May 2011 at 6 o'clock pm in the Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin.   The 2nd International Cartoon Competition Berlin 2011 is supported by the
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Winners of the Competition 2011
The online contest was organized and arranged by the KURTUKUNST Gallery in collaboration with the LIMES Image Agency. More than 900 works of 382 cartoonists from 61 countries were sent to us.  
1st Prize - 1000 € + Golden Elk + Competition Catalogues
Author: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz
City: Izabelin
Country: Poland
Additional Information:
. He works as a painter, illustrator and cartoonist. He started to draw cartoons in 1972 for the polish satirical magazine “Szpilki” and for German monthly magazine ”Pardon”. His drawings was published in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Czech & Slovak Republic, Russia. He won about forty various prizes in Poland and abroad. He was awarded in Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and China.
2nd Prize - 500 € + Silver Elk + Competition Catalogues
Author: Cost.
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Additional Information:
Prizes :
PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) 2002 : Second Prize
PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) 2004 : Second Prize
PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) 2005 : First Prize
International Knokke-Heist Cartoon Festival 2010 : Third Prize
Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2011 Best Belgian Prize Dictatorship&Tolerance Germany 2011 Second Prize
7th World Press Cartoon Sintra 2011 Portugal. Honourable Mention Editorial Cartoon.
12 Salon International of Caricature G. Van Raemdonck Boechout Belgium 2011. Prize IHA (International Humour in Art)
4th Cartoonale “De Geus” 2011 Lebbeke Belgium. Second Prize
Poster for Tomorrow 2011 Best Poster Prize
3rd Prize - 300 € + Bronze Elk + Competition Catalogues
Author: ellustrator
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Author: Yurick
City: St.Petersburg, Pushkin
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Graphic Designer
Has won more than thirty Prizes of International cartoon contests.

Author: KUSTO
City: Vyshneve, Kyiv region
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information:
I was born in 1971 in Kyiv.

I have graduated National Agricultural University in 1993. My specialty is agronomy. First cartoon was published in 1998. I have won more than 50 prizes on the International Cartoon Competitions in 17 countries, among their number: Gold Prize in Nanjing, China (“LM”, 2003); Gold medal in Baku, Azerbaijan (“Molla Nasreddin”, 2010); First Prize in Olsztyn, Poland (“Jaka Bede”, 2009); Second Prize in Eskisehir, Turkey (2. International Tourism Cartoon Contest, 2010); Second Prize in Kyiv, Ukraine (“Independence”, 2006); Third Prize in Latina, Italy (“Fra’ Diavolo”, 2006); Third Prize in Braila, Romania (“Braila”, 2007); Special Prize in Kragujevac, Serbia & Montenegro (“Salon of antiwar cartoon”, 2005); Special Prize of Gabrovo Planet Society, Bulgaria, 2009; Special Prize in Prešov, Slovakia (“ZLATÝ SÚDOK”, 2009); Special Prize in Ruse, Bulgaria (“Together for Security and Peace”, 2009), etc.

Personal exhibition: Belgorod, 2010 (Russia)
Collective exhibition: Pisek (Cartoon Meeting Point Písek-2010), Czech Republic

My cartoons have published in the newspapers & magazines: “Den”, “Vse pro buhgalterskij oblik”, “24 chasa”, “Knizhnik-Review”, “Ukraina”, “Politica”, “Tyzhden” (Ukraine), “Expert-Siberia” (Russia), “Duma” (Bulgaria), “Energivärlden” (Sweden).

Since 2004 I am an artist of newspaper “Holos Ukrainy”

Author: Galym
City: Almaty
Country: Kazakhstan
Additional Information:

Author: zlat
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
240 prizes
Knight of Honour Legion,France

Author: Kosobukin
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information:

Author: Pascal Cloëtta
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Additional Information:

Author: sara
City: cairo
Country: Egypt
Additional Information:

Author: Joanna Wasiak-Bassa
City: Radom
Country: Poland
Additional Information:

Author: Vasiliy Alexandrov
City: St.Petersburg
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Was born in St. Petersburg. Was educated at the Institute of Mechanics and worked as engineer-designer. A member of the St. Petersburg Cartoonist's Club since 1983. Free-lance cartoonist. Published in numerous newspapers and magazines. Was participated in more than 450 cartoon competitions and exhibitions in 43 countries. Have won more than 40 prizes and diplomas on the International Cartoon Competitions.

Author: SEMEN
City: BERDYANSK, Zaporozhskaya obl.
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information:
Was born in 1953 in Ukraine. He is artist of book and cartoonist. He is a member of the artists league in Ukraine, Associatio of cartoonists in Ukraine.
KURTUKUNST Gallery Prize
Author: Denis Lopatin
City: Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
Location - Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy, Russia.
Specific expertise - Caricature / political cartoons.
Year of birth - 1977
Year first published - 1994
8 personal exhibitions in Belarus, Poland, Czechia, Russia. More than 1700 published cartoons/comics.
Awards - Marco Soldi prise at Moscow comics festival Kommissia, 2007.
One exhibition forbidden by the governor.
Four judicial summonses for a caricature in the newspaper.
One conversation in Office of Public Prosecutor.
One prevention from the commission on supervision of mass media.
One exclusion from a hall of court for a sketch of litigation.
Author: takjoo
City: guilan-lahidjan
Country: Iran
Additional Information:
I was born 10-jul-1985 in mashhad in IRAN and I live in Lahidjan in the north of IRAN.
I am graduated of surveying.I learned cartoon self teachingly and I have been drawing cartoon for 10 years.Now I`m working for newspapers and news sites in IRAN and also I participate in international contest.I`ve won 12 international and several domestic awards so far.

-The first prize in Tomy part in the 17th international festival in San Antonio,Cuba(2011)
-Limes prize in in the 2th international festival tolerate and dictatorship in Berlin Grmany(2001)
-the special prize in the 18th international festival in randon Colombia(2011)
-the third prize in the 19th international Golden helmet festival in Serbia(2011)
-the special prize in the 18th international diogeon in South Korea(2009)
-the bronze prize in the 17th international googlem in China(2008)
-the third rank in the 17th international the youth of Gorgan Iran(1389)
Selected in international festivals ,in the 7th and the 10th Tabriz festival(2008-2010) , the first and
The third p.c.roth in india(2009-2011),the third bursa festival in Turkey(2009),…
And several domestic awards so far.