The Winners of the Cartoon Competition 2015 The online contest was organized and arranged by the KURTUKUNST Gallery in collaboration with the LIMES Image Agency. 1187 works of 567 cartoonists from 81 countries were sent to us.
We would like to thank all of the contestants of the competition. Special thanks to the members of the international jury and our cooperation partner the Museum THE STORY OF BERLIN.
Awards Ceremony / Vernissage   5th of June 2015 - THE STORY OF BERLIN   This event took place on the 5th of June 2015 in the Museum THE STORY OF BERLIN.
The exhibition showed a selection of 1187 works submitted by cartoonists from 81 countries.   Downloads Invitation Card 2015 - download as PDF   Contest Catalogue 2015 - download as PDF
1st Prize - Golden He-Goat + Certificate
Author: Sergey Semendyaev
City: Berdyansk
Country: Ukraine
Additional Information:
Was born in 1953 in Berdyansk - UKRAINE.
Awards:Gabrovo-2007 Special Prize
Plovdiv(Bulgaria)-Special Prize-2009
"Smiling Cat" -First Prize (Golden Cat)2010. Intern.Cartoon Exhibition-Sofia-First Prize-2010. Cartoon Contest"Nasreddin Hodja"2011-Special Prize and other... He is a member of the Artist League in Ukraine.
2nd Prize - Silver He-Goat + Certificate
Author: Dieter Hackebeil
City: Wernigerode
Country: Germany
Additional Information:
Dieter Hackebeil, geb.20.11.1947 in Leipzig,
Dipl.Designer,freiberuflicher Glaskünstler,
mehrere Ausstellungen in Glas und Cartoon, in letzter Zeit verstärkte Zuwendung zum Cartoon
3rd Prize - Bronze He-Goat + Certificate
Author: Milenko Kosanovic
City: Bajmok
Country: Serbia
Additional Information:
Audience Award - Certificate
Author: Jean Kim
City: San Francisco CA
Country: United States
Additional Information:
Hi! I am Jean Kim.
I am an illustrator and cartoonist based in San Francisco.
KURTUKUNST Gallery Prize - Certificate
Author: Cristian Topan
City: Bukarest
Country: Romania
Additional Information:
LIMES Prize - Certificate
Author: Pawel Nawrot
City: Dabrowka Wielka
Country: Poland
Additional Information:
Pawel Nawrot
Lipowa 14B
95-100 Dabrowka Wielka, Poland
Graduated from College of Art (presently Academy of Art of Wladyslaw Strzeminski) in Lodz. Diploma done in Graphics Department in 1980.
Present works: painting, drawing, commercial design and business graphics, commercial ads, exhibitions, book pictures, and graphical and artistic coverage of conferences, conventions and meetings.
Since 1980 – two individual exhibitions, and numerous group exhibitions.
Graphical design of books.
Author of tales and illustrations for children.
Recipient of the I prize at the National Biennale of Satire of Stanislaw Jerzy Lec “Barania granie 2013” (Nowy Targ, Poland, October 2013).
Awards - Certificates
City: Pskov
Country: Russia
Additional Information:
54 years of age, living in Pskov. An artist-cartoonist. Has been drawing caricatures since -32 years old.
The drawings are frequently published in different Russian newspapers and magazines.
Held personal exhibition in Finland, 1994;
personal exhibition at an art museum in Murmansk, 1999.
Took second prize in contest "Anti-fascism", 2000.
Winner of second prize in Belgium in free contest in 2001.
2001 : First place in a magazine «Petroleum of Russia», winner of the premium «Gold calf» in «to the Literary newspaper».
2004: The second place in Tokyo. The diploma in Seoul.
2006, 2007, 2008: Winner of first-place prize for cartooning at Speed-info newspaper;
2007: Тhe first place at the international competition "Traffic safety" Russia, Tyumen.
2009: Russia, Surgut. Spesial priz. 2010: The diploma in Russia, Ozersk . 2010: The diploma in Slovakia.
2010: The diploma in Ukraine. 2012: Russia, Ozersk. Spesial priz. 2012: The diploma in Slovakia.
2012: The diploma in Romania. 2012: Мexico, Spesial priz. 2013: Russia, Ozersk Тhe first prize
2014: Russia, Ozersk Тhe first prize. 2014: The diploma in Romania. 2014: Armenia, Gold «Solar the snake»
2014: The third prize in Ukraine. 2015: Russia, Ozersk : The second place. 2015: The diploma in Ukraine.
2015: The Diploma in Germany. 2015: The diploma in Italy «Spirito di vino».
2015: Russia, Ozersk third prize. 2015: Argentina "Tango" Third prize. 2015: The incentive prize in Ukraine.
2015: Slovakia a honorary prize.
Awards - Certificates
Author: Saeed Sadeghi
City: Jahrom
Country: Iran
Additional Information:
Awards - Certificates
Author: fan lintao
City: shandong zibo
Country: China
Additional Information:
Awards - Certificates
Author: Sava Babic
City: Loznica
Country: Serbia
Additional Information:
Members of the Jury
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